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U$ave Program - Dell

Desktops and Mobile Computers

Below you will find links for both Institutional and Personal purchases. The Institutional Purchases link provides standard systems with special UMass pricing based on the competitive bid process. The Personal/Student Purchases link includes the standard bundles seen on the institutional site, however, the personal site may contain additional products. Dell is using their partner, Data Networks, to manage this site. The third link, "Shop the Dell Catalog" links to the Dell Home site where you can purchase any Dell product. You will receive between a 2-12% discount dependent on volume.

Dell Institutional Purchases - Dell Direct

First Time Users: Setup Your Dell Profile Here

Returning Users: Logon to Dell Institutional Site

Institutional Purchases Contact
James Baker
1-800-274-7799 x 5139342
Fax: 866 493-7809


Dell Personal/Student Bundles

Click Here

UMass Boston Student & Personal Purchases *

Click Here


For more information, please contact support at 877-310-9945
*  Pricing & configurations are equivalent for all campuses.

Dell Institutional Purchases - Through Whalley Computer

UMass Worcester Employees - Must Shop Here

Click Here

Whalley Inside Sales Representative
Ania Tomaszewski
Phone: 413-569-4246

Fax: 413-569-4253

Shop the Dell Catalog

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Dell Personal Purchases Support

Phone: 866-257-4711